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Fantasy Cricket 2009 Rules


Pick your team from Cadnam Squad players with your budget of 10 million pounds.  You must pick 11 players, one of which must be nominated as your Captain (Your Captain does not need to be one of the three League Captains)

The Values are here - Any new players who join the club and are not listed will be valued at £0.9m for a Senior player and £0.5m for a colt.

Players will obtain points based on certain “events” for games played as part of the Hampshire Cricket League.  They are:

Bowling - Per Game Points Batting - Per Game Points Bonuses - Per Game Points
1 Wicket 10 1 - 9 Runs 10 Appearance 40
2 Wickets 20 10 - 19 Runs 20 Catch 30
3 Wickets 40 20 - 29 Runs 40 Run-out / Stumping 30
4 Wickets 70 30 - 49 Runs 70 Hat Trick 100
5 Wickets 110 50 - 69 Runs 110 100 Partnership 100
6 Wickets 160 70 - 99 Runs 160    
7 Wickets 220 100 - 129 Runs 220    
8 Wickets 290 130 - 149 Runs 290    
9 Wickets 370 150 - 169 Runs 370    
10 Wickets 450 170 Runs plus 450    

Players nominated as Captain will score you double points.  Points will only be scored for events as they are recorded in a Cadnam Cricket Club score book.

You may substitute up to six players throughout the season but you may only substitute a MAXIMUM of two players per week, EXCEPT your Captain who cannot be changed.  Substitutions may occur at any time EXCEPT between 10am and 10pm on the Saturday of a league match.  Substitutions should be emailed to the Webmaster, use the button to the left.  The substitution will not be accepted if the total value of the team exceeds £10 million, so remember to check the value of the players before sending your email.  

This year there will be two classes of entry, an AMATEUR class which is free to enter and a PROFESSIONAL class where the entry fee is £10 per team.  The League will be made up of both classes but only the PROFESSIONAL class can win the prize which will be 75% of the total entry fees with the remaining 25% going to club funds.  (There were 20 teams in 2008 which would equate to a prize of £150)

You may enter one AMATEUR team but as many PROFESSIONAL teams as you wish.  A team will be considered an PROFESSIONAL team (and therefore subject to a fee) unless you specify that it is an AMATEUR team .

The entry form is here!

Good Luck